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Play Rules

General Rules:

  • Please remove shoes. Anti-slip/grip socks required. Available for purchase or free pair with membership.

  • Please be mindful of little one’s and reserve infant/toddler room for younger than 2 y.o. if busy.

  • If possible, please put toys back where you found them and keep them in their respective rooms.

  • Take turns with ride-on toys.

  • Bring snacks and drinks to the front to purchase.

  • Food allowed only in snack area.

  • Be careful using rock wall, monkey bars, ladder, rope climb, and foam pit.

  • Please keep sand/water in bins during sensory play.

  • Parents and caregivers must stay in the play space and supervise children at all times.

  • Please leave strollers right outside our shop.

Rock Wall and Foam Pit Rules:

  • All kids must be directly supervised while climbing. Direct supervision means keeping children within arm's reach at all times.

  • Don't climb directly above or below another climber.

  • Climbing wall involves risk. Parents must be willing to take personal responsibility for their kids safety.

  • Remove all jewelry and empty pockets before entering foam pit area.

  • Don't bring food, drink, or hard objects into the foam pit.

  • Follow the directions of the staff.

  • Always make sure the landing area is completely clean before jumping into the Foam Pit.

  • Always aim to land towards the center of the Foam Pit.

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